Ms. Alires, 3C

Marcella AliresWelcome to my website.  I am Marcella Alires and I teach third grade math.  I have been teaching at Guerrero since the 2002-2003 school years.  I taught second grade for five years, fourth grade for one year, and third grade for the rest of my years here.  In a previous school I taught first grade.  (Third grade is my FAVORITE!)

I am a UTEP graduate with a BIS in elementary education and a certification in reading.  I am licensed to teach first through eighth grades. 

I hope to inspire a love of lifelong learning for all children.  I want all students that I have taught to be able to attend, and succeed, in intuitions of higher learning, thus assuring them of productive and financially lucrative futures. 

Third grade is a challenging year for both students and their parents.  You will see tremendous changes in the maturity of your child.  They must become very independent and self-sufficient in their school work.  Third grade is the first year of STAAR testing and the curriculum moves very fast.  I ask that each of you please be involved in your child’s education on a daily basis.  Together we will witness their many successes in third grade. 

Please feel free to contact me by calling the office at 915-231-2680 or email at

Thank you.