Aztec Student Council


According to the American Student Council Association the goals of elementary Student Council are to:

  • Develop skilled, ethical and sensitive leaders of diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Encourage the development of new student councils in Pre-K-8 schools
  • Promote student participation within the school and its community
  • Promote effective student councils in PK-8 schools
  • Encourage idea sharing among student leaders and advisors in PK-8 schools
  • Encourage networking with other student leaders and advisors across the country
  • Provide training and development for student leaders and advisors
  • Assist student council and their leadership to focus on relevant current problems that affect them and encourage them to seek solutions to those problems

The Rosa Guerrero Elementary Student Council is sponsored by Ms. Schroeder. StuCo serves as the voice of the students in our school. StuCo also participates in community service projects such as hosting the annual Monte Vista Residential Luncheon and Campus Tour.