Guerrero Aztec Stringed Orchestra


Welcome to the Aztec Orchestra Webpage!  Visit us often to discover everything you need to know about being a Rosa Guerrero Elementary School Orchestra Member!!!

The Rosa Guerrero Elementary School Aztec Orchestra is offered to all enrolled 5th graders as an elective. Once instruments are selected, we spend the school year refining the craft or stringed orchestra musicianship, discipline, and performance. 

Throughout the school year, the orchestra will perform on campus and at festival.  To do this, please make sure you maintain passing grades because the state of Texas has the "no pass, no play" rule.  If you are struggling in your classes please tell Ms. Way or ask a teacher for tutoring.

The orchestra is under the direction of Maestra Leslee Way.

Click on the following link to find music stores in El Paso:

Music Stores in El Paso

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